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Message par Admin Jeu 11 Fév - 13:06

The NXL would like to clear up some confusion that has been generated in the off-season. Please do not confuse the WPBO with the NXL. The WPBO is an organization intending to make the game of paintball more universal across the globe. They will offer suggestions, experiment with different processes and terms, and will look to set a world-wide ranking system; but they do not run the NXL. The NXL continues to be its own entity and will continue to operate independently; making decisions based on what is best for the league’s players and sponsors.

Other sources, such as Facefull, released what they believed would be new rules or policies of the NXL in 2016 (such as tie breakers, overtime rules, division name changes, etc.). This information was incorrect. Facefull retracted their release, but the confusion remains.

· The NXL has NOT changed its divisions, classifications or roster rules.
· The NXL is NOT going to a limited paint format, except for the new D5 M-500 division.
· PlayNXL.com is the league’s official website
· NXL Rules, Dates, Prices, Prizes and more can be found at PlayNXL.com
· The NXL Las Vegas event registration is now open on the APPA site and of course through PlayNXL.com

Many of you participated in surveys over the past year to help us decide on formats, venues, policies and rules. We hope you continue to voice your opinions on all these matters so we can make the decisions which are best for our league, the NXL. Thank you for your outstanding support of our growing circuit. Our entire organization has been working for months on making sure each event in 2016 is the incredible experience each of you deserve!

Source: Pbnation


En résumé, l'organisation WPBO propose un format de jeu unifié pour tous les circuits avec des règles communes à tous.

Le circuit NXL a pris note de la proposition WPBO mais reste sur ses règles personnelles et ne tiens pas à changer dans l'immédiat ses formats de jeux, le roster (Liste des joueurs de l'équipe) et le renommage de ses divisions à l'exception de la Division 5 en format M500.

Les joueurs sont amenés à discuter de ces règles et l'organisation NXL en prendra note.

Le seul site officiel est: www.PlayNXL.com

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