Marines vs Predator 5 (UK / Lincoldshire / Kirton)

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Marines vs Predator 5 (UK / Lincoldshire / Kirton)

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Urban Paintball UK is proud to announce MvP 5


In 2179 a USCM force was dispatched on board the USS Sulaco to the Hadley's Hope on LV-426 to destroy a Xenomorph infestation.

All contact with the Sulaco and its crew was lost.

The USCM dispatched the USS Sephora with a battalion sized force and a full complement of surface bound nuclear warheads to secure the situation once and for all.


RAF Kirton in Lindsey
Kirton in Lindsey,
DN21 4HZ


22nd - 24th Sept 2017
3 day event

Game Zone:
The game area consists of:
14 massive usable buildings.
500+ rooms
A prison
Underground evacuation tunnels
No two buildings are the same
Fully kitted out kitchens
and much much MORE!!!

The safe zone has:
Real toilets with running water
Fitted kitchen to serve food
Indoor camping
Cinema building
Hard standing car park
Setup tables for kit
And much more!!

Ticket allocation:

2 factions (Marines Vs Predators)

Your ticket includes these benefits:

- Free Indoor Camping inside a hanger
- 3000psi fills.
- Saturday scenario games with a 1 hour lunch break
- Intense big game on Sunday with a 1 hour lunch break
- Pocket map with game schedule provided for free.
- Cinema
- Player Party

Event Schedule:


40 min scenario games


Big non stop game with break for lunch
See player pack for more information.


This is a strict site only paint event due to the nature of the site. No coloured paint is allowed anywhere on site.
Anyone found possessing coloured paint will be escorted off site immediately.

Rental Gear:

Need rental gear? For £10 we will kit you out for the whole event. Tippmann 98 marker, 3000psi bottle, hopper, mask, pod belt and pods.

Marker Setup:

No limited cap on paint (hoppers, magfed, tube all welcome)
Semi only due to the close quarters action.
See player pack for more info.


Pyro kills count within 2 metres. No exception and will be enforced by marshal’s and players.
Enola Gaye pyro no larger than a EG Flash Granade 0.5 or 1.0 alowed. NO MK5's or above due to distance from civilans
Anyone found possessing larger will be escorted off site immediately.
A range of pyro can be purchased on site.
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