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Oliver "Ollie" Lang arrête le Paintball de compétition (USA)

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Oliver "Ollie" Lang arrête le Paintball de compétition (USA) Empty Oliver "Ollie" Lang arrête le Paintball de compétition (USA)

Message par Admin Mer 15 Mar - 9:58

Oliver "Ollie" Lang arrête le Paintball de compétition (USA) Sopfol10
Crédit Photo: SOP Forum Archives / Camp Masters Charlety 2003.

Oliver "Ollie" Lang arrête le paintball de compétition pour former de nouveaux joueurs en Pro school.

Oliver "Ollie" Lang arrête le Paintball de compétition (USA) Ollie110

Who's interested in actually learning how to play this game?
I'm ready to teach but you have to be ready to learn and risk it all to become the version of yourself.

The next level of understanding perfect practice.

The question I'm asking is a serious one. For most people you are worried about the type of gun they use or flashy jersey they wear.
The truth is none of this matters.
The only fact is practice is the only way to achieve results.
Through the times of my success myself and a few other highly successful player wrote the book on what it takes to succeed at the highest level.
So are you ready to put your ego aside and learn the valuable lessons?
Are you disciplined enough to take time and apply proper techniques to achieve the ultimate goal?
I leave the question up to you.
Paintball is a wonderful hobby but when you actually learn the skills the whole game changes and new dimensions open up.
The game becomes even more fun because unlocking some basics allows you to understand how to manipulate certain out comes to your benefit.

Are you ready to hold the keys and empower yourself though your skills?

Source: Pb Nation / Ollie Lang.
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