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Clinik School of Paintball (USA)

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Clinik School of Paintball (USA) Empty Clinik School of Paintball (USA)

Message par Admin Lun 6 Juin - 10:21

Listen guys and gals, BKi have an announcement to make:
Ryan Greenspan is one of the most respected and revered players for the past 15 years, not only for his amazing skill on the field, but the fact he's spent most of his life traveling the entire globe passing on his knowledge to anyone who would attend one of his clinics.
He's now transferring that wealth of knowledge onto BKiPaintball.com
On a recent BKi Podcast, Ryan told an interesting story.

Years before turning pro, Zack Wake attended one of Ryan's Dynasty clinics in California.
He drove all the way from his home in Tennessee to spend one day learning from what Ryan and the team had to offer.
Years later, Zack was playing in the pro circuit and only a few years after that, he found himself on Dynasty, with Ryan.
Since then Zack has won several pro tournaments, even becoming the MVP on an NXL series event.
This proves what Ryan has to teach works and pays real dividends.

Unfortunately, Ryan can't travel to EVERY corner of the globe and only a handful of people will drive cross country for a clinic.
This kind of opportunity is not available to everyone...until now.
Ryan has now officially joined BKi School of Paintball to further expand the library of knowledge already available and to allow anyone in the world the opportunity to learn from him REGARDLESS of where you live!
Grayson Goff and Scott Kemp have already built an amazing product with over 300 articles and videos designed to help you WIN.
With Ryan joining the team, members will have the opportunity to learn from 3 seasoned pros.
Whether you're preparing for your first local D5 tournament or missing that last piece of the puzzle for a NXL win, BKi is a proven tool to help you achieve whatever goal you have in this sport.

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