Mag Fed Kilo Six Nine (USA / PA)

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Mag Fed Kilo Six Nine (USA / PA)

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KILO SIX NINE-A MagFed-Only Scenario
SEPT 10/11, 2016
Produced by MAGFED UPRISING and MAGFED SOCIETY Come Play This Magfed Event of the Year for two whole days of PURE MAGFED EXCITEMENT produced by MAGFED UPRISING and MAGFED SOCIETY. A CIA paramilitary group named “Kilo Six NINE” goes off the radar in a remote section of Afghanistan. Weeks later, CIA assets report that a new Warlord has taken over a lot of the opium trade in Afghanistan. A video is posted online and sent to news outlets detailing the CIA’s involvement in the opium trade. In Washington the Joint Chiefs are called in for a emergency meeting. Kilo Six NINE has become a drug cartel and a political liability. TASKFORCE: Paladin is formed with all the Elements of SOCOM to hunt down Kilo Six NINE. Entry for this exciting weekend is only $60 and BLUE’S CREW Custom VALKEN Paintballs are only $65 a case if Pre-paid by 8/26/16 and includes the entire Weekend of Pure Magfed Play, Player’s Party in the Rec. Center, Prize Giveaways, and Bon Fire. CO2, Compressed Air, and Rental Equipment are included in the Entry Fee. Price at the event is $75 for Entry and $75 per case of Paint. EMR is a Field Only Paint Facility! All Prices include 6% PA Sales Tax. There will be FREE MAGFED Rentals provided by MILSIG DIRECT.
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