Big Game Western Games (USA /PA)

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Big Game Western Games (USA /PA)

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EMR Paintball Park, 577 Wolf's Lair Road, New Milford, PA 18834

The Events:

June 24th/25th/26th, 2016 WESTERN WARS is a full Weekend of great play starting with Scheduled Mini-Events on Friday followed by the 7-Hour Hybrid Scenario Game “WESTERN WARS” on Saturday pitting the SOLDIERS and SETTLERS led by against the NATIVE AMERICAN WARRIORS led by. Both sides will be fighting over FORT WAR and various outposts and camps throughout the land for control of 13 flags while running missions every 30 minutes. There will be numerous props on the field to collect and chances to Barter for Dynamite, Whiskey, and Gun Runners. Join the NATIVE WARRIORS led by CHIEF MAD FROG as they attempt to drive the SOLDIERS & SETTLERS led by General ZUBY of Team TASK FORCE RAIDERS and BEHIND THE BUNKER out of their land.
Saturday Evening brings an outside Player’s Party hosted by DJ EWOK by the Bon Fire. Sunday brings GOLDRUSH, a Game based on Dan Bonebrake’s SUPERGAME and produced by our very own, “MOATI” Russell, with Numerous Gold Mines that Players fight over to control and collect Gold Treasure that earns points for their team and also raffle tickets for a full set of Gear. Saturday’s and Sunday’s Game Points will be combined to determine the WINNING SIDE and announced at the 2:00 pm Ceremony on Sunday.
All Active US & Canadian MILITARY receives FREE ENTRY and Entry for everyone else is only $40 and cases of BLUE’S CREW Custom Paintballs cost only $65 per case if Pre-Paid by 6/10/16. Entry includes the entire 3-Day Weekend of Play with Friday Play including Night Play, two Different Scenario Games, Player’s Party, and Bon Fire. CO2, Compressed Air, and Rental Equipment are included in the Entry Fee. Price at the event is $50 for Entry and $75 per case of Paint. EMR is a Field Only Paint Facility! All Prices include 6% PA Sales Tax.


NEW Boundary that cuts out the dogleg with a NEW Town Tippmann TOwnand Speedball Field layout directly behind the Rec. Center that puts both insertions equal distance from the center of Fort War.


Chief MADFROG is leading the Native Warriors against General ZUBY commanding the Soldiers & Settlers.


All Prices include 6% PA Sales Tax. All Active US and Canadian Military get FREE ENTRY if they Prereg by 6/10/16. Active Military must present their IDs at registration. The cost per player for Entry is ONLY $40 if Pre-paid by 6/10/16 for the entire weekend of play or $50 at the event. ALL ENTRY FEES INCLUDE CHOICE OF UNLIMITED CO2 & COMPRESSED AIR or the Standard Rental Package consisting of a TIPPMANN Semi-Auto Marker, Goggles, CO2 Bottle, and unlimited CO2. The Weekend Fee includes: Playing in WESTERN WARS on Saturday, and Playing in GOLD RUSH Sunday with the chance to win a full Equipment Set-up. PAINTBALLS for WESTERN WARS will be Customized Valken BLUE’S CREW PAINTBALLS and WILL SELL FOR $65 Per Case of 2000, tax included, if Prepaid by 6/10/16. Cases will be $75 at the event. ONLY these Paintballs may be used at this event.
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