Twstr Heritage Séries CS1

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Twstr Heritage Séries CS1

Message par Admin le Sam 5 Nov - 18:33

A little over 10 months ago Boston Paintball introduced the TWSTR CS1 to the world, with iconic 3D twister milling, wild color schemes and refined electronic and mechanical tuning... proof to the paintball world that a true custom experience can still exist in the modern day market.
To complete this journey we have decided to celebrate the heritage and milestones of iconic companies from the rich history of our sport, those deep rooted in innovation and groundbreaking designs. We are pleased to present to you the Heritage Series TWSTR CS1, the final markers of the 200 count TWSTR CS1 run, the most sought-after modern day Private Label marker on the market today.
So how are these different than the standard TWSTR CS1?
Taking our already milled and lightened TWSTR CS1 body and to give a nostalgic feel towards the overall product we selected 25 iconic color schemes, all applied in matching finishes to the original examples (gloss/dust). We feel that the selected colors pay homage to the roots of the trailblazers of our industry and their humble beginnings as a custom manufacturers and their progression to modern day icons. Each marker is a 1 of 1 and the particular anno-scheme will never be used on another TWSTR CS1, so we just made the most limited gun a whole lot more limited.
From a performance standpoint we explored various avenues and found that the platform (CS1) has a bit of untapped potential. These markers will feature the Pro-proven Shaft FR back paied with 3 (.690/.685/.680) Empire Freak Inserts, Trigger pins have had a high platinum polish applied for smooth operation with no resistance for each pull and to register those trigger pulls the latest TWSTR "Broadsword" ePortal setting flash and mechanical trigger adjustments via the revamped XCII tuning package.
Now I know what you're thinking... Do I get any other goodies?
Of course you do!
Thanks to our friends over at OCD Paintball each marker will once again come with a color/serial matching TWSTR headband.
Committed Paintball has thrown in a Boston Paintbal sticker sheet, as well as a sewn Twister jersey patch and the "Digital Content Access Pass" which allows access to the "BPS Cloud" which includes all XCII setting packs and vintage Planet Eclipse eportal splash screens (an ePortal companion add-on), all TWSTR related advertisements and un-seen pre-production CAD pictures, behind the scenes pictures and developmental
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